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Rinse in warm water several times.  Taste – if sour, rinse some more.  Use a can or two of beef broth to cook your kraut in.


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2 cups flour

¼ cup milk

1 t salt

2 eggs

¼ cup water

½ cup mashed potatoes

Mound flour in bowl and crumble potatoes to pea size.  Mix eggs and liquid and add to flour mixture.  Knead until firm.  If too sticky add a little more flour.  Let rest about 10 minutes.  Be sure they are sealed well.  Cook in boiling water for 3-5 minutes.  Add ¼ up vegetable oil to water.  Roll out 1/16’’, tsp of filling, pinch flossed 2 or 3 times.  Yields 34 pierogi.  Brown in margarine, then freeze flat in Ziploc.  To serve, let thaw and warm in an oven.

Cheese Filling

2 cups dry cottage cheese

¼ tsp salt

1 tbsp lemon juice

2 tbsp sugar

2 eggs

Dash of pepper

½ cup mashed potatoes

Force cottage cheese through sieve, mix with other ingredients.  Make a day ahead and refrigerate overnight.

Cabbage filling

1 small head of cabbage

2 onions

Salt and pepper to taste

Quarter cabbage and cook in salted water for 10 minutes.  Drain, cool and chop fine.  Chop onion fine and saute in butter or margarine.  Add cabbage and continue to fry until flavors blend.  Make a day or 2 ahead.

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About 6 pieces of chicken

1 celery stalk and leaves

2 bay leaves

½ t basil leaves, dry

1 carrot cut in quarters

½ onion burnt on the cut side


Wash chicken, put in 3 or 4 quart pan, cover with cold water, bring to a slow boil.  Skim off foam, add the remaining ingredients, simmer for about 1 ½ hours or when meat is tender.  Strain soup, add salt to taste.  Discard skin, cut up meat and add some to the soup.  Cook noodles separately.  If you have dark or orange onion skins wash and put in soup when cooking (adds color to soup).  P.S. Left over chicken meat can be heated with friend onions and served over rice or wide noodles.

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1 2/3 cup flour

1 tbsp sugar

1 egg

2 tbsp white wine

¼ tsp salt


10x sugar


In medium bowl, combine flour, ¼ cup lard, sugar, egg, whine and salt.  Knead into a smooth soft dough.  Cover and let rest 15 minutes.  On floured board, roll dough into 1/8’’ thick.  Cut into ribbons above 5’’ long and ½’’ wide.  Twist into bows.  Melt enough lard to depth of 1’’.  When hot add bows.  Fry until folden brown (both sides).  Drain on paper towel.  Sprinkle with 10x sugar.  Makes 3 dozen.

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