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4 ½ cups All Purpose Flour

2 Teaspoons of Salt

2 Tablespoons of butter, softened

2 cups of sour cream

1 egg yolk

2 Tablespoons of vegetable oil


Mix flour and salt, make a well in the middle and add softened butter, egg yolk, and oil.  Mix thoroughly by hand.  Let the dough sit in a warm bowl for half an hour.

Meanwhile, start a large pot of salted water to boil the pierogis.

For filling – we used 3 full kielbasa links, and got 40 pierogis out of this dough recipe (using our pasta machine to roll the dough)… plus a little kielbasa for snacking.

We also made a batch of potato pierogis, and used 8 potatoes mashed with a cup of cheddar cheese, plus milk and sour cream to taste.

After cutting out dough and filling, seal edge with a bit of water, and place in the boiling pot until it floats to the top.

Do not stack pierogis.  Uncooked pierogis will stick together and cooked ones will lose their lightness.


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Puppy Chow

1 box (12 cups) Chex

2/3 cup Peanut butter

1 1/3 cup chocolate chips

2/3 cup butter

1 tsp vanilla

4 cups powdered sugar.


Dump cereal in big bowl.  Melt chocolate, butter, vanilla, peanut butter together in a double boiler, fold over cereal.  Put 3-4 cups powdered sugar (recipe called for 4, that ended up being a LOT) in a gigantic ziplock (I use 2.5 gallon), add sugar and shake shake shake.

I doubled this recipe to fill 13 sandwich-size ziplocks for Cookie Exchange

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Large (28oz) bag Chex Snack Mix – Pick out the pumpernickel toasts (or use a mix that doesn’t include them).

2 packages vanilla melting candies

I doubled this to fill 13 ziplocks for cookie exchange.

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